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FTThis article is about Ship Simulator Extremes. For the demo version, see Ship Simulator Extremes demo

Ship Simulator Extremes
Zwikia pic.png
Ship Simulator Extremes
Preceeded by: Ship Simulator 2008
Succeeded by: incumbent
Release date: August 27th 2010
Company: Vstep
Publishers: Paradox Interactive
Distributors: Paradox Interavtive
Game Engine: Quest 3D or STEAM
Genre: Vehicle Simulation
Icon: SSE ICON.png
Price (Regular edition):
Usflag.png USD: $51,99
Ukflag.png GBP: £33,17
Euflag.png EUR: €39,99
Price (Donation edition):
Usflag.png USD: $54,99
Ukflag.png GBP: £34,33
Euflag.png EUR: €41,99
No. of ships: unknown
No. of Environments: unknown
Modes: Single player, Multiplayer or mission
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or 7
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 1GB for XP, 2GB for Vista and 7
Graphics Card: GeForce 6800 or ATI X1800 with 256MB memory
Hard Drive space: 3.2GB
Audio Devices: A Sound Card
Imput controller: Mouse with scroll wheel and Keyboard
Other Available controlers: Joystick, Joypad, Steering wheel or Ship Control Unit

Zage logo.png Ship Simulator Extremes (often called SSE, SS2010, SS10) is the third installment in VSTEP's "Ship Simulator" home computer serious game series. It has succeeded Ship Simulator 2008, with outstanding graphics and content. It is the first game to not include a year in its title, a change which appears to have come about after repeated delays moved the game's expected release date to a year or more after original predictions. Before release, various trailers and renders from the game have been thoroughly analyzed by the series's fan base to produce a large amount of speculative information. The game features 29 ships and 11 port-harbour environments (and 1 open-sea environment.) Out of the 12 environments, 4 are completely new. Out of the 29 initial ships, 10 are completely new. The game was formally to be named "Ship Simulator 2010"

The game can be updated with several patches from the Ship Simulator downloads section. A ferry pack can also be brought for €14.99 from the products section. To mark the anniversary of the games release, players can also download a new pilot boat, Aquilla, for free. More download releases can be found below.


Loading up SSE

The precise release date of Ship Simulator Extremes was a subject of debate among fans for a time. Ship Simulator 2010 was first announced near the end of 2008. At that time, its expected release date was Q1 2009. A teaser trailer later placed the release date as Summer 2009, calling the game, "Ship Simulator 2010: Extremes." The release date has changed many times since then, altering to Q3 and then Q4 2009 before a later uploading of the same teaser trailer placed the release date within Q1 2010. After Lighthouse Interactive went bankrupt, Paradox Plaza won the bid to publish the new game, launching a trailer, dropping part of the name to, "Ship Simulator Extremes," and stating only that the game is "Coming Soon."

Late in 2009, started allowing preorders for the game, but the United States and United Kingdom versions of the site appeared to disagree on release date. considers April 13, 2010 to be the release date while claims the release date is February 19, 2009. It is possible that the European release is scheduled for February while the American release will be in April. Vstep has Posted both Add on Amazon Uk and Amazon USA as they have mentioned that USA Release date is April 13, 2010 while European Release Date is Still Q1 2010.

When the Ship Simulator site got a new "Extremes" look, renders of the game had been uploaded, along with the final date of release - August 24th 2010. Pre-orders were accepted as of August 9, 2010, however the game was finally released on August 27 2010.


Donation edition[]

The Donation edition of Ship Simulator Extremes will have exactly the same features and ships as the regular edition. However, the Donation edition will cost more, and 20% of all proceedings will go to Greenpeace and its ocean preservance program. All players who buy the donation edition will automatically enter a prize draw to win an all-exclusive trip on The Rainbow Warrior III, when she is released in 2011. This is a 1-night offer, where the player can become part of the crew. It is expected that the Donation edition will dissapear after the prize draw (although it may remain for those who wish to donate to Greenpeace.)

Regular edition[]

The regular edition contains the same ships, features and gameplay structure as the donation edition, but the game is cheaper, and, therefore there is no prize draw.

Game platforms[]

Installing SSE

SSE runs on two platforms. Some copies will run on STEAM and others will run on Questviewer 3D. Installing with STEAM may be a bit of a frustration as STEAM requires a created account. Furthermore, STEAM will provide the player with a custom code. However, the installation process with STEAM is much faster.

Starting off[]

The basics[]

Before playing, the player will need to create a profile. This profile can be used to go online and for multiplayer. After the player has entered a name and the country of residace, he/she can now play, download campaigns online, and change quality, keyboard and sound options.

Player modes[]

There are four player modes;

1. Campaigns[]

Main article: Campaigns

The main menu

Campaignes are similar to missions in the way they can be downloaded online and played to get rewards. There are three different types of campaign.

You can learn more about campaigns on their pages.

2. Free roaming[]

Main article: Free roaming

3. Missions[]

Main article: Missions

Missions are unlocked during campaigns. They can be complex or simple.

4. Multiplayer[]

Main article: Multiplayer

Multiplayer is an online feature which requires internet connection and a registered license key to access. Multiplayer can be used to sail with friends in the same environment.

Keyboard controls[]

These can always be changed by choosing "options" in the main menu.

  • TAB - Shows/hides all interface elements
  • 1,2,3 - Switches through different views. (external, helmsman, walkthrough)
  • ▼▲ - Increases-decreases throttle
  • ◄► - Turns vessel left-right
  • ◄►▼▲+shift - Holds rudders and throttle in fixed position.
  • , - Bow thrusters = port (left)
  • . - Bow thrusters = starboard (right)
  • ESC - Opens a menu that allows to save or abort the mission.

Mouse controls[]

  • Left - Will toggle certain controls on interface
  • Right - and drag will rotate camera view on vessels
  • Scroll wheel - zoom in and out




Agile Solution

Agile solution.png


-purpose freighter



Pilot boat

Aquilla* Aquilla.png Pilot boat

Arie Visser

Arie Visser.png

Dutch lifeboat
Billy Grene Billy Grene icon.png RHIB

Bugsier 2

Bugiser 2.png

Tractor tug

Cartagena Delight

Catagena delight.png




Coast guard cutter



Stand alone vessel lifeboat



Greenpeace vessel
Fairmount Sherpa Fairmount sherpa.png Anchor

handling tug

Fortissimo Fortissimo.png Powerboat
Freedom 90 Freedom 90.png Hovercraft
Herkules Atlas Herkules Atlas.png Pushboat
Inferno Inferno.png RHIB
Inferno B Inferno B.png RHIB
Jumbo Javelin Jumbo Javelin.png Heavy-lift


Latitude Latitude.png Oil


Mamba Mamba.png Speedboat
Mare Australe Mare Australe.png Inland


Ocean Prince Ocean Prince.png Chemical


Orient Star Ocean Star.png Cruiseliner
P6 P6.png Police boat
Pride of Rotterdam Pride of Rotterdam.png Large car ferry
Protector Protector.png Coast guard small vessel launcher
Rainbow Warrior III Rainbow worrier III.png Greenpeace vessel
Red Eagle Red Eagle.png Car ferry
Red Jet 4 Red Jet 4.png Fast ferry
Rowboat Rowboat.png Motorboat
RPA12 RPA12.png Incident-response vessel
Vermaas Vermaas.png Cargo


VSTP7 VSTP7.png Water taxi

Add-on ships[]



Albatross IV Car ferry
Big Apple II Car ferry


Deniz Doga Incident-response vessel
Deo Favente Cargo


Oceana Ocean liner
Roeier Motorboat
Rozenburg Car ferry
Sigita Fishing boat
St. Pauli Ferry


White Marlin Car ferry
Winner Cargo



Note that ships with * are not included in the initial game, but have been released with certain add on packs or updates after the games release.

Ships which appeared in trailers but not in actual game:[]

  • Billy Grene
  • 2 frigates
  • A third type of Coast Guard vessel
  • A few other ships and boats which cannot be identified due to the limited involvment in the trailers and pictures of SSE.

Water canons[]

Main article: Water canon

A water canon is a feature new to SSE. It comes in different quantites on some ships and is used for fighting fire. Examples of ships which have this feature are the RPA12 and the Protector coast guard boat.

Health and sinking[]

SSE has a new health system which can define the ship's current damage.

Fullhealth.png 100% health
Halfhealth.png 50% health. Sinking
Nohealth.png 0% health. Sunk
  • If a ship's health is green, it may be slower, but it won't sink.
  • If a ship's health is red, it will sink.
  • A ships healh bar will decrease in the rate of the seriousness of the damage caused.

Ship classes[]

Each ship has a rank which is increased when it is used in a campaign mission. a total of 50 points can be gained from each of them. To see the ranks of each ship, you can referr to their respective pages.

Class Symbol
Cargo ExtremesCargo.png
Ferry* ExtremesFerry.png
Greenpeace ExtremesGreenpeace.png
Motorboat ExtremesMotorboat.png
Special ExtremesSpecial.png
Tourist ExtremesTourist.png
Tug ExtremesTug.png

Note: the ferry class (*) can only be increased after the purchase of the Ferry Pack.